Mnissing: The Culture of Foods

Saturday, October 17 at the Aundeck Omni Kaning Community Centre: This day offers two opportunities to learn and share in cross cultural discoveries about Manitoulin’s culinary richness integrating wild traditional foods and farm and garden delicacies.

Workshop/Demonstration from 2–4 p.m. will teach about gathering and preparing wild foods found in the summer and fall on Manitoulin and will also include a cooking demonstration with autumn harvested garden-grown foods, cooked in a fusion style integrating native and European flavors.

Fall Feast at 5 p.m. is a buffet-style dinner with several traditional native dishes made from wild-gathered plants, fish, and meats and several dishes prepared with Manitoulin’s garden vegetables. After dinner activities will include a presentation by the M’Chigeeng daycare children on Ojibway language and foods as well as traditional humorous songs about foods. Families with children are encouraged to attend the feast. Booths and displays will be open throughout the afternoon and evening.

There is no required fee for the workshops or dinner, everyone is welcome! Donations gladly accepted, to go toward future similar educational endeavors. Reservations for either workshop or dinner are recommended (to assist with the planning process) but not required. Contact LoonSong at 368-0460, or Tammy Albers at Noojmowin Teg, 368-2182.

The project is coordinated by Noojmowin-Teg Health Centre, and supported by the Manitoulin Community Food Network, Ontario AgriFood & Education, LAMBAC and FedNor. In addition to these public events in the fall, and events to come in the spring, the project will include teaching in both Manitoulin high schools about nutrition, gardening, and collecting and preparing wild foods.