Resilient Manitoulin Meeting and Potluck

Resilient Manitoulin Meeting and Potluck August 23rd, 2009Sunday, August 23rd, 5:30pm at the Ski Club

The theme for this month’s meeting is Zero Waste Living. We will be discussing how to move towards zero waste in the home and community. Accordingly, please strive for zero waste during food preparation and transportation of your potluck contribution as THERE WILL BE NO GARBAGE CAN AVAILABLE (there will be a compost container)! Please bring your zero waste food preparation story to share with your supper mates.

To further reduce the footprint of our meeting, our Google group (send email to: can be used to organize carpools and for the more dedicated, cycling, walking, running and pogo stick companions!

For more information contact Justin or Lisa (368-2193).

Please arrive early so that we may get started on time; doors open at 5:15pm.